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Human IgG Rubella ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Human IgG Rubella ELISA Kit

The Rubella IgG ELISA is intended for use in evaluating a patients serologic status to the rubella virus infection. It is also used to evaluate paired sera for the presence of a significant increase in specific Rubella IgG as indication of a recent or current rubella virus infection. Rubella is a herpes virus. Generally rubella is considered a mild adolescent disease. However, a maternal infection can be transmitted through the placenta to the fetus, causing congenital rubella. Congenital rubella may result in chronic cardiac disease, growth retardation epatosplenomegaly, malformations and other severe anomalies. Children born asymptomatic may develop these abnormalities later in life.

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Human IgG Rubella ELISA Kit

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