Human IgG Plasma Proteins

Human IgG Low Endotoxin

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Product Description

Human IgG Low Endotoxin

Innovative Research's Human IgG, Low Endotoxin, is purified from normal serum by immobilized protein A using low-endotoxin methodology resulting in a greater than 95 percent purification by SDS-PAGE.

IgG is the most abundant immunoglobulin in plasma, found at a concentration of 8 to 18 mg/ml. This immunoglobulin plays a very important role in the defense against infection for newborns because of its transfer through the placenta during pregnancy. It readily diffuses into the extravascular body spaces, where it plays a major role in neutralizing bacterial toxins and in enhancing the phagocytosis of microorganisms. IgG binds to bacteria, and these complexes adhere to phagocytic cells which have surface receptors specific for IgG.

Our Human IgG is prepared from plasma and shown to be non reactive for HbsAG, anti-HCV, anti-HBc, and negative for anti-HIV 1 & 2 by FDA-approved tests.

This product is for in vitro research use only, is not to be consumed by animals or humans, and should be handled with general precaution as if capable of spreading infectious disease.

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Human IgG Low Endotoxin

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