Human CRP Proteins

Human C Reactive Protein

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Product Description

Human C Reactive Protein

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a pentameric serum protein belonging to the pentraxin family that is comprised of five identical ~ 23 kDa subunits. CRP is a positive acute phase reactant, the levels of which increase modestly in humans in response to inflammation, tissue injury or disease. The acute phase response develops in a wide range of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions like bacterial, viral, or fungal infections; rheumatic and other inflammatory diseases; malignancy; and tissue injury or necrosis.

Small molecule detection with aptamer based lateral flow assays: Applying aptamer-C-reactive protein cross-recognition for ampicillin detection

Lars Kaiser, Julia Weisser, Matthias Kohl & Hans-Peter Deigner
Scientific Reports, Published 04 April 2018

... We here report the cross-recognition of CRP and ampicillin by CRP and ampicillin aptamers, identified by in silico analysis of sequence homologies of both aptamers... C-reactive protein (CRP) was purchased from Innovative Research (Novi, MI) ...

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Human C Reactive Protein

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