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Human Activated Protein C

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Product Description

Human Activated Protein C

Activated Protein C (APC) is a serine protease derived from the two chain vitamin K dependent zymogen Protein C. APC inhibits blood coagulation through the selective inactivation of the cofactors Va and VIIIa. APC is prepared from Protein C by activation with purified thrombin. This thrombin is removed after activation by ion exchange chromatography. Activated Protein C purity is determined by SDS-PAGE and shows complete reduction upon incubation with 2-mercaptoethanol.

FV Leiden pseudo-homozygotes have a more pronounced hypercoagulable state than FV Leiden homozygotes

C Duckers, P Simioni, D Tormene... - ... of bleeding tendency ..., 2011 - arno.unimaas.nl
...was added to inhibit contact activation. Measurements at high TF were Page 114. Chapter 6 114 performed in the absence and presence of APC (Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA). Since the low APC concentration (~ 5 nM...

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Human Activated Protein C

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