Horse Blood

Innovative Grade US Origin Horse Whole Blood

Catalog No.: IR1-010N

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Category: Blood , Forensics

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Product Description

Innovative Grade US Origin Horse Whole Blood

Innovative Grade US Origin Horse Whole Blood is collected from normal healthy horses located in the United States. It is not to be used in humans or animals. The user assumes all responsibility for its usage and disposal, in accordance with all regulations. This material should be handled as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Please use universal precautions. Recommended storage 2-8 degrees Celsius.

A novel olfactory pathway is essential for fast and efficient blood-feeding in mosquitoes

JW Jung, SJ Baeck, H Perumalsamy, BS Hansson - Scientific Reports, 2015
... Identification of blood-originated volatiles. A Clarus 680 gas chromatograph (PerkinElmer, Fort Belvoir, VA) was used to separate and detect the volatile constituents of horse blood (Innovative Research Inc. Novi, MI, USA). In ...


Wall effects in continuous microfluidic magneto-affinity cell separation

L Wu, Y Zhang, M Palaniapan... - Biotechnology and ..., 2010 - Wiley Online Library
...Manassas, VA). Horse whole blood was obtained from Innovative Research Inc., Novi, MI. Goat polyclonal antibody, anti- carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), was purchased from Arista Biologicals, Inc. Allentown, PA. NHS-Fluorescein...

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Innovative Grade US Origin Horse Whole Blood

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