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Product Description

Hexokinase catalyzes the reaction:
D-hexose ATP D-hexose 6-phosphate ADP

Hexokinases have been isolated from the yeast cell in two distinct forms, designated P-I and P-II (Schulzeet al. 1969). These are separate, noninterconvertible isozymes (Womacket al. 1973).Hexokinase is used to determine glucose, fructose, mannose and ATP.Chromatographically purified. A lyophilized powder containing ~30% buffer/stabilizer. Phosphohexose isomerase, 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, adenylate kinase and creatine phosphokinase contaminant activities are 0.10%, 0.005%, 0.005% and 0.005%, respectively.

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