Guinea Pig US Origin Serum

Innovative Grade US Origin Guinea Pig Complement Serum

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Product Description

Innovative Grade US Origin Guinea Pig Complement Serum

Innovative Grade US Origin Guinea Pig Complement Activity Preserved Serum is collected from spontaneously clotted whole blood and centifuged to separate the serum from the clot. Guinea Pig Complement is ideal for hemolytic assay where hemolysis of IgG antibodies are required. Complement is preservative free.

GATA3 is selectively expressed in the trophectoderm of peri-implantation embryo and directly regulates Cdx2 gene expression

P Home, S Ray, D Dutta, I Bronshteyn... - Journal of Biological ..., 2009 - ASBMB
...The zona-free blastocysts were then treated with rabbit anti-mouse serum (Sigma) at 1:100 dilution for 30 min, washed with phosphate-buffered saline, and incubated with guinea pig complement (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) at 37 C in 5% CO 2 for 30 min.


Immunohistological and electrophysiological evidence that N-acetylaspartylglutamate is a co-transmitter at the vertebrate neuromuscular junction

KK Walder, SB Ryan, T Bzdega, RT Olszewski... - European Journal of ..., 2012
...Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA) for 3 h at 20 C. The primary antibody was rinsed off using normal lizard Ringer's solution followed by incuba- tion with guinea pig complement (Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA) for 1.5 h at 30 C. To assay...


RNA-Seq Transcriptome Profiling of Equine Inner Cell Mass and Trophectoderm

K Iqbal, JL Chitwood, GA Meyers-Brown, JF Roser...- Biology of Reproduction, 2014
Immunosurgery was carried out by incubating the embryo with 2% anti-horse whole serum (1h at 37 C; Jackson Immunoresearch, West Grove, PA), followed by repeated washes and incubation with 20% guinea pig complement (1 h at 37 C; Innovative Research, Novi, MI).


Inhibitor (s) of the classical complement pathway in mouse serum limit the utility of mice as experimental models of neuromyelitis optica

J Ratelade, AS Verkman - Molecular Immunology, 2014
We conclude that mice have limited utility as models of NMO. 2. Materials and methods. 2.1. Reagents and antibodies. Complement/sera from mouse (CD1 and C57BL/6 strains), rat (Wistar strain), guinea pig and human were purchased from Innovative Research (Novi, MI).

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Innovative Grade US Origin Guinea Pig Complement Serum

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