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Corn Trypsin Inhibitor (CTI)

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Product Description

Corn Trypsin Inhibitor

Corn Trypsin Inhibitor (CTI) is a specific and potent inhibitor of trypsin and Human Factor XIIa (without affecting Factors VIIa, IXa, XA, or thrombin). Corn Trypsin Inhibitor is excellent for purifying Factor XIIa, or for removing trace XIIa from XII samples. This product will form a one-to-one complex with either trypsin or Factor XIIa, and when added to plasma, will prolong the activated partial thromboplastin time without affecting the PT assay. CTI is also useful for distinguishing between intrinsic and extrinsic blood clotting cascades.

Our CTI is extracted from high-quality sweet cornmeal into a physiologic buffer and then purified using a combination of techniques that include gel filtration, ion-exchange, and affinity chromatography.

CTI preparations are tested for the ability to prolong the aPTT assay without affecting the PT assay, with the specific activity of each unique lot determined (one unit is defined as the amount of CTI required to double the aPTT for normal human plasma). The final preparation appears as a single band by SDA-PAGE analysis under reducing as well as non-reducing conditions.

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Corn Trypsin Inhibitor (CTI)

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