Human Plasminogen Proteins

Chromogenic Substrate For Plasmin

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Product Description

Chromogenic substrate for plasmin

Chromogenic substrate for plasmin is chemically and functionally identical to Chromogenix S-2251. Each 25 mg of substrate is lyophilized with 60 mg mannitol as a bulking agent.

Endogenous plasminogen activators mediate progressive intracranial hemorrhage after traumatic brain injury

N Hijazi, RA Fanne, R Abramovich, S Yarovoi, M Higazi - Blood, 2015
WT-tPA (50 nM) or WT-uPA (5 nM) was incubated with plasminogen (500 nM) and the chromogenic substrate of plasmin S-2251 (Innovative Research, Inc. Novi, MI) (100 M) alone or in the presence of tPA-S481A (100 nM) or tranexamic acid (1 M).

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Chromogenic Substrate For Plasmin

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