Dog PAI-1 Activity Assay

Canine PAI-1 ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Canine PAI-1 ELISA Kit

The Canine PAI-1 Activity Assay is intended for the quantitative determination of active plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) in dog plasma. PAI-1 is a central regulator of the blood fibrinolytic system. Clinical studies have indicated that increased PAI-1 levels increase the risk for thrombosis, whereas decreased levels may cause recurrent bleeding. Functionally active PAI-1 present in plasma reacts with urokinase coated and dried on a microtiter plate. Latent or complexed PAI-1 will not bind to the plate and will not be detected.

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Canine PAI-1 ELISA Kit

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