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Bradykinin EIA Kit

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Product Description

Bradykinin EIA Kit

The Human, Rat, Mouse Bradykinin EIA kit is a complete kit for the quantitative determination of bradykinin in plasma, serum and urine. Bradykinin was discovered in 1949 as a substance generated from a globulin precursor in plasma by the action of proteases. Its name indicates that is causes a slow movement of the gut. As early as 1909 it was noted that substances found in urine, which were later identified as kinins, have hypotensive actions. Kinins are effectors of vasodilation, vascular permeability, NO release and arachidonic acid mobilization. They are important regulators of blood pressure, kidney function and heart function, and they are also involved in inflammation. Bradykinin is generated from the blood globulin kininogen HK, by the action of the kallikrein system in blood (related to the blood clotting cascade) but can also be generated in other tissues and organs. Besides kallikrein, other proteases such as plasmin may also release bradykinin. Several peptidases can degrade kinins, includ-ing Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE), a metalloproteinase which converts Angiotensin I to Angiotensin II and destroys bradykinin.

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Bradykinin EIA Kit

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