Bovine Trypsin

Bovine Trypsin

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Product Description

Bovine Trypsin

Bovine trypsin is a pancreatic serine protease with substrate specificity based upon positively charged lysine and arginine side chains. It is derived from a 34 kDa inactive precursor zymogen, trypsinogen, after enzymatic removal of an N-terminal 6-amino acid leader sequence resulting in the 23.8 kDa trypsin molecule. The optimum pH is 8.0. Trypsin is inhibited by organophosphorus compounds such as diisopropylfluorophosphate and natural inhibitors from pancreas. Soybean, lima bean, and egg white are also sources of natural inhibitors. Trypsin cleaves amide and ester bonds of Arg and Lys. The Sequencing Grade Trypsin has been further purified to remove trace contaminating proteases and autolysis products which could interfere in trypsin digestion experiments, and exhibits a single band on SDS page.

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Bovine Trypsin

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