Bovine Plasmin Proteins

Bovine Plasmin

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Product Description

Bovine Plasmin

Bovine Plasmin is prepared from plasminogen by activation with immobilized human uPA. 100 percent functionally active plasmin is purified from the activation reaction by immobilized SBTI. Plasmin will undergo rapid auto proteolysis in the absence of benzamidine and should be used quickly once thawed. Aliquot to avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Partial cleavage of bovine plasmin between kringles 3 & 4 occurs upon activation, producing a low molecular weight band. This midiplasmin is 100 percent active (Christensen et al. Biochem J. 305 (Pt 1):97-102, 1995).

Plasmin activates epithelial Na channels by cleaving the ? subunit

CJ Passero, GM Mueller, H Rondon-Berrios... - Journal of Biological ..., 2008 - ASBMB
...mm tetraethylammonium chloride, pH 7.4. Selected oocytes were bathed in TEV buffer with bovine plasmin (10 g/ml; Innovative Research, Inc., Novi,MI) for defined time periods. The amiloride-insensitive component of the...


The role of extracellular matrix composition in structure and function of bioengineered skeletal muscle

S Hinds, W Bian, RG Dennis, N Bursac - Biomaterials, 2011
...at 4 C, rinsed with DPBS, permeabilized with 0.5% Triton-X in DPBS for 4 h at 37, and blocked with 20% chicken serum. Each half of the bundle was incubated in DPBS with 10 g/ml bovine plasmin (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) and 0.5 mg/ml collagenase type II for 2-4 h...

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Bovine Plasmin

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