Human Cytokine

Anti-Human IL 1 Alpha (C42) Purified

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Product Description

Anti-Human IL 1 Alpha (C42) Purified

Human interleukin 1 (IL-1)-alpha, a product of activated macrophages and other cell types, which modulates a broad spectrum of immune and inflammatory responses by its ability to regulate proliferation,maturation, or functional activity of a wide variety of cell types.
Protein purification from various cell sources has yielded IL-1 biological activity in polypeptides with molecular weights ranging from two to 75 kilo daltons. cDNA cloning of IL-1 from human monocytesh as shown that the biological activities of this cytokine do not reside in a singular molecular entity but rather in a class of at least two distinct proteins referred to as IL-1-alpha and and IL 1-beta. Although these two proteins exhibit an amino acid homology of only 26%, both forms of IL-1 bind to the same cell surface receptor and appear to have identical biological activities (6). IL-1-alpha initially is synthesized as a 31 kilo dalton intracellular precursor which is post-translationally processed to yield a mature 17 kilo dalton protein.

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Anti-Human IL 1 Alpha (C42) Purified

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