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Active Rat tPA (recombinant)

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Product Description

Active Rat tPA (recombinant)

Active Rat tPA (recombinant) is recombinantly produced in insect cells. 85 percent single chain, 95 percent active.

Antithrombotic Effects of Pyridinium Compounds Formed from Trigonelline upon Coffee Roasting

B Kalaska, L Piotrowski, A Leszczynska, B Michalowski - Journal of Agricultural and , 2014

...Rat Tissue 116 Plasminogen Activator (t-PA) activity kit was obtained from Innovative Research Inc. 117 (Novi, MI, USA). Reagents to prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin 118 ...

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Active Rat tPA (recombinant)

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