Human Biological Fluids

Lyophilized Human Red Blood Cells/Erythrocytes

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Category: Whole Blood

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Product Description

Lyophilized Human Red Blood Cells

Innovative Research's Human Red Blood Cells/Erythrocytes Lyophilized are prepared from human whole blood, which has been drawn at an FDA-approved collection facility. The 1 gram of lyophilized RBCs comes from a starting volume of approximately 5ml RBCs. The cells are collected via centrifugation from a solution of 1% dextran in blood. They are not washed prior to lyophilization.

This Innovative Research product is for in vitro research use only, is not to be consumed by animals or humans, and should be handled with general precaution as if capable of spreading infectious disease.

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Lyophilized Human Red Blood Cells/Erythrocytes

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