Human Kallikrein 3 ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Human Kallikrein 3 ELISA Kit - 1 Kit (96 Wells)

Our Human Kallikrein 3 ELISA Kit is a sandwich ELISA intended for the quantitative determination of human KALLIKREIN 3 in cell culture supernates, serum and plasma (heparin, EDTA).

Prostate-specific antigen(PSA), also known as kallikrein III, seminin, semenogelase, gamma-seminoprotein and P-30 antigen) is a 34 kD glycoprotein manufactured almost exclusively by the prostate gland; PSA is produced for the ejaculate where it liquifies the semen in the seminal coagulum and allows sperm to swim freely.1It is also believed to be instrumental in dissolving the cervical mucous cap, allowing the entry of sperm.2It is a serine protease enzyme, the gene of which is located on the nineteenth chromosome(19q13).3

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Human Kallikrein 3 ELISA Kit

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