Non Swiss Albino Mouse Plasma Reference 11-11-11


Written by Kelsey on June 11, 2015. Posted in References

Innovative Research's Non Swiss Albino Mouse Plasma was recently used in the following study:

Oncolytic Herpes simplex virus expressing yeast cytosine deaminase: relationship between viral replication, transgene expression, prodrug bioactivation

S Yamada, T Kuroda, BC Fuchs, X He, JG Supko... - Cancer Gene ..., 2011 -
...the stock solutions with acetonitrile:water (1:1, v/v). Calibration standards were made by serially diluting the analyte stock solution with mouse plasma (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) to provide eight solutions with concentrations ranging from 10 to 1000 ng ml -1 . Quality control...

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