Mouse Prealbumin ELISA Kit - March 31, 2017


Written by Jodie Wilson on April 19, 2017. Posted in References

(March 31, 2017) Innovative Research's Mouse Prealbumin ELISA Kit was recently used in the following study: 

Serum retinol-binding protein-induced endothelial inflammation is mediated through the activation of toll-like receptor 4

Mei Du, Ashley Martin, Franklin Hays, Jennifer Johnson, Rafal A. Farjo, Krysten M. Farjo, 2017...
... ELISA kits for mouse TTR (catalog no IRKTAH1161; Innovative Research, Novi, MI), mouse RBP4 (catalog no MRB400; R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MN), and human RBP4 (catalog no DRB400; R&D Systems) were used to quantify target molecules in serum and retina lysates. ...

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