Innovative Grade US Origin C57BL6 Mouse Serum Reference 6-29-09


Written by admin on June 12, 2015. Posted in References

Innovative Research's Innovative Grade US Origin C57BL6 Mouse Serum was recently used in the following study:

Liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry analysis method for simultaneous detection of trichloroacetic acid, dichloroacetic acid S ...

S Kim, LB Collins, G Boysen, JA Swenberg, A Gold... - Toxicology, 2009 - Elsevier
...Samples for calibration curves and quality control were prepared with commercially available mouse serum (C57BL/6J strain, Innovative Research, Novi, MI) and compared to the results from serum obtained from B6C3F1 mice to determine whether mouse strain had an effect...

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