Construction And Evaluation Of Type III Secretion System Mutants Of The Catfish Pathogen Edwardsiella Piscicida


Written by InnovativeResearch on February 14, 2018. Posted in References

Innovative Research's Sheep Red Blood Cells were recently used in the following study:

Construction and evaluation of type III secretion system mutants of the catfish pathogen Edwardsiella piscicida

A Edrees, H Abdelhamed, S W Nho, S B Park, A Karsi, F W Austin, M Essa, T Pechan, M L Lawren
Journal of Fish Diseases, 09 February 2018

... Sheep erythrocytes (Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA) were washed three times with haemolysis buffer [0.85% physiological saline, 0.01 M CaCl 2 (Sigma-Aldrich)] and resuspended in the same buffer to make a final concentration of 3% sRBCs (Watson & White, 1979) ...

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