Quantification of U-47700 and its metabolites in plasma by LC-MS/MS

Quantification of U-47700 and its metabolites in plasma by LC-MS/MS

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Pooled Human Plasma Apheresis Derived from Innovative Research was used in the following study:


Quantification of U-47700 and its metabolites in plasma by LC-MS/MS

Christina R. Smith, Michael T. Truver, Madeleine J. Swortwood

Journal of Chromatography B
Volume 1112, 1 April 2019, Pages 41-47

"... Novel Synthetic Opioids (NSO) have caused a recent epidemic both nationally and globally. NSO have gained popularity in the illicit drug market and have brought about an increase in fentanyl and its derivatives, as well as other chemically unrelated opioid agonists. U-47700, a non-fentanyl analog analgesic opioid, was first developed by The Upjohn Company and has a reported potency of 7.5 times that of morphine ... Pooled human plasma with K2 EDTA anticoagulant was purchased from Innovative Research (Novi, MI, US) and stored in the freezer at −20 °C. .."


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