Bispecific Antibodies: New And Improved Anticancer Weapons?


Written by Kelsey on December 12, 2014. Posted in Blog


While monoclonal antibodies are widely used for therapeutically and commercially, recent developments show that bispecific antibodies (bsAbs), or dual specificity antibodies, may be more successful as they are able to focus on two or more targets.

bsAbs can redirect immune effector cells to enhance tumor destruction. According to the GEN News article, "by targeting two different receptors in combination on the same cell, these antibodies can induce modifications of cell signaling, including the inactivation of proliferation or inflammatory pathways."

With a cumulative value of 3.5 billion for six bispecific antibody deals in the past two years, this market is steadily growing and improving.

"Scientists at Genentech have developed an approach to production challenges posed by making an antibody with two or more specificities that are non-immunogenic and that retain Fc region functionality." GEN news writes.

This method is based on Genentech's own "knobs-into-holes" technology. Two antibodies are cultured into half expressed forms and then self-assemble after co-fermentation and co-purification.

For more on this subject, read the GEN News article.

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