Biotechnology Products: Some Interesting Facts About The Products Of Modern Biotechnology


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As a leading biotechnology company, Innovative Research thought it would be interesting to provide you with a few facts you may or may not be aware of about the products manufactured by biotech companies.

While the manufacturing of products to be used in life sciences, cancer and other research has been going on for decades, human insulin (specifically Humulin) was the first biotechnology drug to be approved by the FDA. Humulin was developed by Genentech in 1982 and was used for treatment of diabetes.

In the United States, over 65% of biotech companies are involved in drugs developed for medical purposes, or pharmaceuticals.

What are the top selling biotechnology drugs? Intron, used to treat cancer and viral infections, Betaseron, used in treatment of multiple sclerosis, Epiver which treats Anti-HIV, Humulin for the treatment of diabetes, and Procrit, used for the process of platelet enhancement. Recombinant proteins are the most widely used biotechnology products, produced by gene cloning in cell structure.

tPA or tissue plasminogen activator, a blood clot dissolving enzyme, was one of the first GE (genetically engineered) products sold. tPA is frequently used to clear blocked blood vessels immediately following a stroke or heart attack.

The U.S. states with the largest numbers of biotech products companies include California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and North Carolina.

Biotech products are also used in forensic applications such as DNA fingerprinting. Interestingly, DNA fingerprinting was first used to identify and convict a rapist in England in 1987. DNA fingerprinting also assists in paternity testing, epidemiology, and identifying human remains.

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