A Liquid Chromatography With Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method For Quantitating Total And Unbound Ceritinib In Patient Plasma And Brain Tumor


Written by cps on December 5, 2017. Posted in References

Innovative Research's Mouse Plasma was recently used in the following study:

N-Arachidonoyl Dopamine Modulates Acute Systemic Inflammation via Nonhematopoietic TRPV1

SK Lawton, F Xu, A Tran, E Wong, A Prakash… - The Journal of Immunology, 2017
... Immunoassays and MTT assay IL-6, CCL-2, IL-10, and plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1 levels were quantified in mouse plasma samples by ELISA (R&D Systems, Minne- apolis, MN and Innovative Research, Novi, MI) . ...

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