Human Receptor Associated Protein (RAP) Reference 3-15-2016


Written by jessica on June 9, 2016. Posted in References

Innovative Research's Human Receptor Associated Protein (RAP) was recently used in the following study:

Molecular basis for globotriaosylceramide regulation and enzyme uptake in immortalized aortic endothelial cells from Fabry mice

XL Meng, TS Day, N McNeill, P Ashcraft, T Frischmuth - Journal of Inherited , 2016
...... 20- and 400-fold molar excess respectively. Neurotensin and RAP were obtained from Sigma and Innovative Research (Novi, MI) respectively. Uptake of agalsidase alfa and moss- aGal in FMEC2 was dose-dependent up to 40 g/ml tested (Supplementary Fig....

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